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Welcome to Guidance and counselling at Presentation College, Bray.

‘The Guidance Counselling process aims to help students develop an awareness and acceptance of their unique talents and abilities; to explore possibilities and opportunities to grow in independence and to take responsibility; to make informed choices about their lives and to follow through in these choices’.

Guidance Inspectorate DES, ‘Guidelines for Second Level Schools in the implications of Section 9(c) of the Education Act 1998, relating to students’ access to appropriate guidance’. 2005.

The National Development Plan 2000-2006 states that:

“the provision of guidance and counselling in second level schools is vital to enable each pupil to gain the maximum benefit from the education system.”

Guidance and counselling service at Presentation college, Bray. 

A guidance and counselling service is available at Presentation college Bray for all students from 1st year to 6th year. All students have access to individual meetings with the Guidance Counsellor for career and educational guidance as well as personal counselling. Classroom guidance is offered in Transition Year and is delivered to class groups weekly.  

In Ireland ‘guidance’ can be considered an umbrella term, which covers a variety of numerous services aimed at personal, educational and career development. In fact, guidance can be described as the full range of interventions which assist pupils to make choices about their lives. The Guidance Programme can help to address and support the needs of the students in three distinct yet interlinked areas:

  • Personal and Social
  • Educational
  • Career

1. Personal and Social Guidance:

This refers to the services such as counselling and activities that promote interpersonal communication skills, decision-making, self-awareness and the ability to plan.

2. Educational Guidance:

This strand aims to assist students in decision making in relation to course, subject and level in post-primary school through services such as counselling and activities. Study skills and examination technique, as well as senior cycle subject choice are also part of this category.

3. Career Guidance: 

Again through the service of counselling and activities, this aspect of the role looks to assist students in decision-making related to choices of education and training courses, employment opportunities, job search skills, work and other life roles.

Role of the Guidance Counsellor

The Guidance Counsellor therefore has the acquired training to be able to absorb information about pupils from a wide range of sources in an effort to facilitate and supporttheir development across the three specific areas; Personal/Social Guidance, Educational Guidance and Career Guidance. Therefore, these three strands of guidance and counselling provide focus for the role of the Guidance Counsellor.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and guardians for their continued support. Appointments can be arranged by contacting the office if necessary.

Mr Dónall Donnelly 
Guidance counsellor 

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