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"Educating with Respect" 

At Templemore College, we aspire to develop an inclusive, respectful and collaborative learning community within the College.

Our objective is that each student will learn new skills and become more competent in the area they are studying.  

More importatntly for us is that each student will learn about themselves and realise their capacity to learn new ways and new ideas so that learning, while challenging, becomes natural for them.

With the establishment of a culture of respect and learning based on the ideas mentioned above students will also have access to:

  • No tuition fees
  • Maintenance grants available to eligible students
  • Applicant interview to enable selection of most appropriate field of study
  • CAO Applications and opportunities for progression to Higher Education
  • Small class groups
  • Internationally-recognised qualifications
  • Programmes geared towards employment

We also have the following Return to Education programmes available at Levels 3, 4 and 5:  Click here 


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Why us?

Templemore College is proud to be an active partner in the EU-funded Erasmus+ programme. Erasmus+ provides opportunities for students to study, train, gain work experience or volunteer abroad.

Currently, 35 students from Templemore College take part in work placements in Spain, France and Germany each year. Work placements are organised through a network of contacts with Spanish, German and French enterprises in a wide variety of industry sectors.

Progression agreements currently exist with:

  • Waterford Institute of Technology
  • LIT / Templemore College of Further Education (TCFE)

The St. Sheelan’s Childcare Centre opened in September 2007 in the grounds of the College. This centre caters for up to 70 children aged up to 10 years, providing high quality crèche, pre-school and afterschool services. Students of the college have access to childcare at a reasonable cost.

The Student Council at  Templemore College provides a forum for students. It acts mainly as the student voice in the college. In the last week of September, one class representative and a deputy is elected from each course in the college.

The college offers a great Adult Guidance service to students. 


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