Junior Cycle Resources

Junior Cycle Resources

The following worksheets have been designed to facilitate the delivery of a careers programme in Junior Cycle

  Worksheet - Career Investigation JC [pdf - 472Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Career Sectors JC [pdf - 379Kb, 2 pages]
Worksheet - Community Project Exercise JC [pdf - 475Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Sector Investigation JC [pdf - 467Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - Skills in Retail JC [pdf - 541Kb, 2 pages]
Worksheet - Subject Choice for STEM JC [pdf - 614Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - World of Work Map [pdf - 0.9Kb, 1 page]
Worksheet - World of Education Map [pdf - 257Kb, 1 page]

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