CareersPortal partners with many leading companies who provide information on their work and training opportunities. Select organisations that interest you to get an insight into that organisation and the various opportunities it can offer to school leavers, graduates and experienced employees.

Companies come in many forms - small businesses with just a few staff, to medium-sized companies or large corporations that may operate in several countries and in many different industries. Each employer/organisation is unique, having a different 'personality' or culture. Choosing an employer that suits you is just as important as choosing a job - if your way of working or values is at odds with your employer, neither of you will be happy.

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Sector Experts

Sector Experts are leading organisations who have specialist knowledge in the sector they operate in. They outline some of the popular educational pathways into the sector and provide career videos and interviews that provide insight into working in the area.

You will also find information here on the skills that employers value in the sector, any skill shortages and jobs in demand in their areas, along with relevant, up-to-the-minute news items, and details of important career events.

Our Sector Experts range from national advisory bodies and authorities, to professional membership or representative bodies, government agencies and departments.

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