Career Guidance

What is Career Guidance and what parents need to know to help their children effectively.

Options after school

What options are available after school, the supports that are available, and how to apply to college .

Leaving Cert Results - What Next?

What to do in the days after the results come out and getting the most out of the options available.

Grants and Scholarships

Explore the range of supports available for students considering going to college.

Disabilities & Supports

Learn how to support children with differing abilities through our education system.

Leaving Cert Subject Guide

Explore leaving cert subjects and the skills and opportunities they offer.

Education & Training Boards

A broad range of learning opportunities are available through local education and training boards (formerly VEC'S) to people who want to improve their skills and qualifications and to those seeking a second educational chance. Over 200,000 adults each year participate in adult and community education programmes. These further education and training programmes are run in schools and colleges, adult education centres of education, workplaces and in a variety of community settings.

AONTAS has recently announced a new website which aims to assist adults to access further education and training in their communities.  brings together all of the contact details for the further education services in the Education and Training Boards, along with useful resources and websites in a simple, easy to use format. 

The site has been especially designed for use on a smartphone and tablet, but is also accessible on a PC.  For people who have difficulty using the website there is a Freephone Helpline 1800 303 669. Their What Next guide also provides very practical information and can be downloaded here.

To view these services click here.