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CareersPortal provides all the tools you need to help you find and develop your career. We believe you deserve the best, and encourage you to spend time discovering what makes you different and unique, so you can build your own future.

Here you will find links to our Junior Cycle, Transition Year and Leaving Certificate pages. Select the programme which is relevant to you and make use of the resources we have developed to guide you in exploring your future.

Junior Cycle Resources

Junior Cycle

Start exploring some of the amazing careers that your Junior Cycle prepares you for. Learn how to study better and check out Subject Choices for Leaving Cert.

Transition Year Resources

Transition Year

Get prepared for your Work Experience and discover the World of Work. Explore the skills you need for a successful career.

Leaving Cert Resources

Leaving Cert

Explore all your options after school, including CAO and PLC Courses. Improve your Study Skills to maximise your results.

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Claire Hanrahan
Auditor - Claire Hanrahan
Kate Walsh
Beauty Therapist - Kate Walsh
Shane Foley - Jockey
Flat Jockey - Shane Foley - Jockey
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Owen Stephens
Owen Stephens, Building Services Engineer

Owen Stephens works as a Building Services Engineer. His job involves working with architects to design the engineering systems in buildings.

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