Exploring Career Options

Each school will have a unique and tailored Transition Year programme full of lots of exciting opportunities for you to further explore what career area you might like to consider in the future. TY encourages the development of a wide range of transferable critical thinking and creative problem solving skills that will benefit you no matter what career you decide to pursue. 

Top tips to find out more about careers in Transition Year ...

Explore Career Sectors 

Career Sectors are like families of jobs that relate to a particular activity such as medicine or construction. Knowing a bit about the sector you are interested in can help you to narrow down your focus to a particular type of career - making it a great place to start!

In each of the Career Sectors, we discuss what types of jobs there are, provide advice from experts and employers in that industry, as well as listing courses that provide the necessary qualifications to gain employment. 

Work Experience

One of the most valuable career activities offered in Transition Year is the chance to complete a work experience placement. Once you've decided on a career sector that interests you, the next step is to try and get some on the job experience. It's an excellent opportunity to find out what it's like to work in the real world, and decide whether you like (or hate) it! Working alongside someone during their day-to-day activities will give you a good idea of what they do, the pressures they face and their working environment.

TY Career Workshops / Taster Days 

Many universities also run career focussed TY programmes for example RCSI's TY Mini Med Programme or NUI Galway's Civil Engineering Taster Day. These programmes are specifically designed to encourage students to consider careers in that area and give them a taster of what it's really like.  

Career Videos

You can get a sense of a career from movies and TV programmes but apart from documentaries, they tend to show a glossed up or exaggerated version of reality, which means that unfortunately, you may have an inaccurate picture of what the job is really all about. 

Watching video interviews with employees working across various career sectors in Ireland is a great way to get an accurate and more realistic picture of the job and what it involves. 

Career Explorer Tool

For some careers you may not be able to access any of the above (work experience, videos or interviews). Use our CareerExplorer tool to find information on over 1000 occupations and apprenticeships in Ireland. Here you will find information on what the job is like, the typical salary and what level of education or experience may be required.


Volunteering with charities or community groups will help build your career skills, grow your confidence and help you realise where your strengths and interests lie. It is also a great way to find out more about an area of work you are considering as a career. Search volunteering opportunities on 

Ask Questions

Talking to someone who works in a particular job or career area you find interesting can be very useful. If you get this opportunity be sure to have your questions prepared in advance - you may forget to ask about something important like what sort of qualifications you might need. 

We recommend you ask your parents, relatives, friends or neighbours - most people will be very happy to tell you about what they do for a living and give you their advice - so don't be shy!