About Us

Pfizer is one of Ireland's leading employers and the largest pharmaceutical sector investor and employer. Pfizer has over 3,300 colleagues across 7 locations based in Cork, Dublin, Kildare and Sligo.

Pfizer's business interests in Ireland are diverse which include manufacturing, shared services, R&D, treasury and commercial operations.

Ireland is a leading manufacturing base for Pfizer globally, exporting to global markets. There is a manufacturing presence in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Solid Dose Pharmaceuticals, Sterile Injectables, Vaccines and Biopharmaceuticals. Many of Pfizer's leading and newest medicines are manufactured for global export from Irish sites. Part of Pfizer's Worldwide Research & Development (WR&D) is based in Ireland. 

We operate from: 

  • Grange Castle Biotech Plant,
  • Dublin Newbridge, Kildare
  • Ringaskiddy API Plant,
  • Cork Pfizer Healthcare Ireland, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin
  • Consumer Health, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin
  • Global Financial Solutions Europe Ringsend, Dublin
  • Sligo
  • Dublin Docklands

Why choose us?

At Pfizer, we’re driven to discover the cure. We are driven to significantly improve the lives of everyone...everywhere. If you’re similarly driven, you’ll find there’s no better place to begin and continue your career than at Pfizer.

Science is the foundation of our company. This is why it’s no surprise that our scientists are among the best in the world. We arm them with the resources, technology, and facilities they need to solve some of the world’s most complex health challenges. So, it’s no wonder that the most driven scientists in the world choose to do their life’s passion at Pfizer.

At Pfizer, you will find a company as focused on its internal culture as it is on its external reputation. With its emphasis on “ownership”, our OWNIT! culture allows each colleague to discover career success at the same time that it drives positive business results. The OWNIT! culture emphasizes accountability and holistic leadership, growth and learning, and opportunity and innovation.

Join us and you’ll partner with colleagues of diverse backgrounds and abilities, people who contribute to all aspects of what we do—from drug development to marketing, technology to sales, and so much more.

Pfizer leaders and managers take an active role in developing colleagues and helping them fulfil their career goals:

Individual Development Plans: Colleagues work with their managers to create detailed career “roadmaps” that take into account colleague interests and aspirations as well as Pfizer’s business needs.

Mentoring: Pfizer actively promotes mentoring through its Mentor Match online tool – a quick and easy way to volunteer to be a mentor or to find a mentor that meets specific criteria.

Internal Advancement: Colleagues may freely explore and apply for positions within Pfizer.

Coaching-Focused Performance Management Process: Pfizer encourages managers to hold frequent, robust performance coaching discussions, rather than assigning labels to sum up an entire year’s performance.

Short- and Medium-Term Experiential Opportunities: Through activities like job-rotation assignments, experiential action projects, and short-term project roles, Pfizer offers colleagues a variety of short- and medium-term career development opportunities.

Learning & Development Opportunities: Colleagues can take advantage of learning and development opportunities focused on hundreds of topics, including leadership and management skills, industry- and job-specific learning, and general business, manufacturing, finance, and technology skills.

Who we Employ/Our People

There aren’t many places in the world where Pfizer isn’t looking for people who are driven to make the world a healthier place.

Pfizer is a great place to begin an engaging, rewarding, and productive career—whether you’re a recent college graduate ready to start your life’s work or currently attending college and eager to find a summer job that’s rich with the promise of a bright future.

If you’re just beginning your career, you’ll find opportunities to broaden your skill set at Pfizer. You’ll also be able to expand your professional network by joining one of our many Colleague Resource Groups. Plus, you’ll gain invaluable guidance from both formal and informal mentors companywide. But, perhaps best of all, you’ll enjoy the respect that comes from working for one of the world’s most admired and successful companies.

Pfizer Grange Castle

Grange Castle, Clondalkin, in South County Dublin is the home of Pfizer’s biopharmaceutical facility. We are a key part of the Pfizer Global Manufacturing network. We are licenced for the manufacture of commercial and clinical trial materials, but we also have a very significant research and development function.

We have over 1000 professionals on the site involved in supporting the following processes among others:

  • Large-scale Mammalian Cell Culture
  • Protein Purification
  • Vaccines Conjugation
  • Aseptic Syringe Filling

Pfizer Newbridge

Pfizer Newbridge is an integral part of Pfizer’s global solid oral dose network; manufacturing tablets and capsules for world markets using highly complex processes.

Pfizer Newbridge has a Technology and Innovation Centre using a range of technologies such as Process Analytical Technologies and Advanced Process Control to transfer, develop and manufacture products. 

Pfizer Cork

Pfizer Ringaskiddy API and Pfizer Little Island API are part of the Pfizer Global Supply organisation with operations worldwide supporting all major markets. The Cork API Sites (Ringaskiddy & Little Island) support Pfizer's business objective of meeting the demand for Pfizer products and is used as a strategic resource in launching drugs and products quickly after regulatory approval has been received. 


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