Animals & Veterinary Science

Animals & Veterinary Science


Humans and animals live their lives alongside each other. We are inseparable from each other and many jobs exist to care for our animal friends. Vets care for their health while groomers are animal beauticians. In the countryside, the National Parks & Wildlife Service cares for the environment of wild animals, especially endangered ones, while Gamekeepers maintain the numbers of animals used for hunting.

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This sector offers amazing careers for people who love animals or science, or both! You can find a mix of entry level and highly skilled jobs in this sector, from pet grooming and animal welfare inspections, to veterinary practice and zoology. Some of these careers demand a science background and others don’t, but caring for animals is the aspect that is central across these careers. People who work in this sector may find it difficult to witness animals in distress, but they often get a great sense of achievement from contributing to animal care and wellbeing.

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  • caring for others
  • communication
  • critical thinking
  • active listening
  • customer service
  • decision making
  • independence
  • investigation
  • animal care
  • observing behaviour
  • physical fitness
  • problem solving
  • recording information
  • biology

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