Engineering, Manufacturing & Energy

Engineering, Manufacturing & Energy

Engineering is a broad, diverse field of study that encompasses various fields. They are united by their purpose, which is the practical application of science and maths to real world problems, particularly to building and manufacturing. The field is bigger than just charted engineers, their work is supported by experienced technicians and specialist operations staff.

The four main branches of engineering are chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical. But there is a vast number of areas to specialise in, if you’re interested in flight you can work as an aeronautical engineer while an interest in sound could lead to acoustical engineering. Working as an engineer requires many years of study, but there are roles as technicians with less demands. Many engineers will work on manufacturing processes, optimising the machinery and processes that manufacture goods.

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This sector is for people who want to apply problem-solving and design skills to the real world, based on principles of maths and physics. The main strands of engineering are chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical and it can be difficult to know which one is for you. Many colleges allow you to try them all during the first year of an engineering degree, and to specialise thereafter. But it’s fair to say that most careers in this sector cross over to other sectors as you can work in business, communications, energy, healthcare, materials, pharmaceuticals, physical infrastructure, transport or water.

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  • communication
  • design
  • electronics
  • engineering
  • health and safety
  • maintaining machinery
  • managing resources
  • manufacturing
  • maths
  • attention to detail
  • problem solving
  • project management
  • project planning
  • quality control
  • recording information
  • teamwork
  • technology
  • using computers

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