Computers & ICT

Computers & ICT


Working in Computers & ICT places you on the frontier of society, as a result it attracts innovators and those who love working with computers. The tech sector is dynamic and vibrant, but it can be demanding with the most appealing jobs requiring high skill levels in coding, hardware and data analysis. Tech companies often have informal work cultures but demand hard work and dedication in return. With technology driving change throughout society computer skills are now essential assets in any career.

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If the definition of ‘dynamic’ is constant change, activity and progress – then it is a good description of this sector. People working in the sector are often logical, analytical and good at solving problems. You generally need some qualification to work in this sector as you need high skill levels in either mathematics, software, hardware, gaming, big data, cloud computing, internet of things, or a combination of these areas. There is no doubt that people with these skills will be needed across all sectors in our society for the foreseeable future.

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  • communication
  • critical thinking
  • data analysis & statistics
  • design
  • education & training
  • electronics
  • manufacturing
  • maths
  • problem solving
  • problem solving
  • programming
  • project management
  • quality control
  • recording information
  • teamwork
  • technology
  • using computers

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