Biological, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Science


This sector represents some of the largest industries operating in Ireland, with high employment and significant research occurring. Work in the sector is highly technical and education standards vary, but most will have a third level qualification in a science subject. Pharma is an especially prominent industry, with most of the worlds largest pharma companies based here producing billions of euro worth of exports.


  • chemistry
  • complying with regulations
  • creating and following processes
  • creating and following processes
  • critical thinking
  • data analysis & statistics
  • engineering
  • health and safety
  • lab work
  • manufacturing
  • maths
  • operating machinery
  • problem solving
  • public health
  • quality control
  • recording information
  • biology
  • teamwork

Key Facts

About This Sector

Labour Market & Jobs

There are enough qualified graduates to meet the annual recruitment requirement (5000 graduates per year) but as in preceding years there is increasing demand for employees with a high level of experience and/or skills in niche areas. The demand is in pharmaceuticals, biopharma and food development, but the specific shortages apply to a very small number of jobs in the context of the broader economy.

In 2018 61,300 were employed in high tech manufacturing, the vast majority of this employment, roughly two-thirds, is in pharmaceuticals.

Current Jobs