Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

It’s goes without saying that food and drink are important to us, but beyond what we need to survive people invest a lot in enjoying their food and drink. This means there is an enormous number of possible careers available at all stages of the food production cycle, from farm to fork. You could work in a factory preparing food, a butcher shop or bakery selling fresh food or as a chef in a high-end restaurant, devoting immense care and skill to the preparation of meals.

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This is a sector for people with a passion for food and beverages. It includes careers with a focus on growing, producing and manufacturing food, brewing and distilling beverages, marketing and distribution. It covers cooking, baking and serving up dishes. To thrive in this sector, you need a mix of creativity, innovation, attention to detail and awareness around health and safety issues. Most roles in this sector demand stamina as you are generally on your feet all day. Other roles, such as food scientist, food ingredient specialist and nutritionist, require a scientific and inquisitive mind.

In this section you will discover the range of career opportunities available in the Food & Beverages sector. Our Career Explorer tool will give you insights into roles across the sector, including average salaries, typical entry routes and much much more...


  • communication
  • customer service
  • education & training
  • food production
  • health and safety
  • maintaining machinery
  • managing resources
  • physical activity
  • quality control
  • research & development
  • time management
  • budgeting

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