Earth & Environment

Earth & Environment

The world around us is fragile, human activity threatens to push it over the edge in many ways, including by encroaching on wild animals homes, driving forward climate change and polluting the sea with plastic. Many jobs involve working to protect the environment, environmental scientists study damage to the environment, engineers and businesspeople investigate ways to solve environmental issues and environmental inspectors ensure that laws protecting the environment are being followed. It is not the highest paying sector, but many who work in the sector are passionate about the earth so find the work immensely rewarding.

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Many people consider the environment as the most important aspect in our world, and those working in this sector often see their work as hugely meaningful. Many of the roles in this sector relate to protecting the environment, studying the impact of human activity, or developing new technology to utilise renewable energy. Others, such as geologists and ecologists, are primarily interested in studying and understanding the earth, creatures or natural phenomena. While many professionals in the sector are based in an office environment, some spend their working weeks outdoors and at times even offshore.

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  • chemistry
  • communication
  • complying with regulations
  • critical thinking
  • data analysis & statistics
  • enforcing laws and regulations
  • engineering
  • geography
  • geology
  • analysing systems
  • managing resources
  • observation and assessment
  • animal care
  • physics
  • problem solving
  • recording information
  • science
  • writing

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