Accountancy & Taxation


Accountants and Tax Specialists are financial experts who advise businesses and individuals. People who work in this sector handle the tricky details of their client’s finances. Every organisation needs accountants, whether it’s a small charity, a bank or a globe-straddling multinational cooperation. Taxes are straightforward for most people, but for businesses that operate in multiple countries, or people who are self-employed, advice on managing tax is extremely important.


  • complying with regulations
  • creating and following processes
  • maths
  • attention to detail
  • prioritising work
  • problem solving
  • project management
  • recording information
  • teamwork
  • time management
  • budgeting

Key Facts

About This Sector

Labour Market & Jobs

Employment growth was low for accountants & tax experts, and, indeed, declined in the most recent year. Declines in employment levels are expected to continue as some tasks become automated, although as it is such a large sector there will continue to be many job opportunities, arising from the need to replace staff who have changed jobs or retired.

Some shortages were identified for accountants with experience in regulation and compliance; these shortages are considered to be niche and require industry specific experience.

Current Jobs