Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty

Personal appearance is important to many, the Fashion & Beauty sector helps them care for it in the way that feels natural for them, whether that calls for a hairdresser or tattoo artist. Fashion is a global industry and while there are opportunities in Ireland, making a career often means gaining experience and connections abroad.

Did you know?

  • 56%
    increase of jobs in hair and beauty in 2017 Irish Times
  • 736
    million euro worth of revenue in the Irish Cosmetics and Personal Care Sector in 2019 Statista
  • 3.90%
    percent of their 2017 income that Irish households spend on clothing and footwear Irish Times
  • 3.5/4.5
    percent growth in the fashion industry forecast for 2019 The State of Fashion 2019
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This is a fun and creative sector for people with a huge interest in fashion and beauty. It can also be a competitive and demanding sector, as you have to please customers and you often work when others are off during evenings and weekends. It includes jobs such as hairdresser, make-up artist, nail technicians and tattoo artists, as well as fashion designers, and retail jobs, where it’s all about displaying and styling clothes and accessories to increase sales. As most careers in this sector demand practical skills, common entry routes include PLC courses as well as private courses and apprenticeships.

In this section you will discover the range of career opportunities available in the Fashion & Beauty sector. Our Career Explorer tool will give you insights into roles across the sector, including average salaries, typical entry routes and much much more...


  • communication
  • creativity
  • design
  • education & training
  • adaptability
  • initiative
  • leadership
  • managing resources
  • people management
  • attention to detail
  • project management
  • recording information
  • teamwork
  • teamwork
  • technology
  • time management
  • visual media
  • writing

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