Art, Craft & Design


This is the sector for visually creative people and those who enjoy handcrafting their own goods. Design can cover a broad range of roles, including drawing advertisements and products, or designing websites. The craft sector is made up of small companies and self-employed crafters, they apply their specific skills to create high quality goods. In contrast to industry they produce much smaller amounts of their products, but put a higher amount of care and craft, spot the name, into each piece. They may sell products themselves in markets or their own stores or export them abroad.


  • communication
  • creativity
  • design
  • education & training
  • adaptability
  • independence
  • initiative
  • leadership
  • managing resources
  • people management
  • attention to detail
  • project management
  • recording information
  • teamwork
  • technology
  • time management
  • visual media
  • writing

Key Facts

About This Sector

Labour Market & Jobs

While there are no general issues noted in the National Skills Bulletin 2019, there have been indications from employers that companies are finding it difficult to source suitably qualified staff to work in animation. As a result, an apprenticeship for a CGI Technical Artist has been proposed.

Current Jobs