Government, Politics & EU


This is where your taxes go, to keeping the roads maintained, laws enforced and all the other functions of government that keep society functioning. Politicians create laws and represent the people, the civil and public services then carries out government policy. The European Union operates on a similar basis across Europe. This is a complex sector, which includes independent bodies such as regulators who ensure that products, occupations or the government itself is acting properly and to the correct standard.


  • critical thinking
  • active listening
  • data analysis & statistics
  • decision making
  • developing relationships
  • enforcing laws and regulations
  • adaptability
  • initiative
  • leadership
  • managing resources
  • negotiation
  • people management
  • persuasion
  • prioritising work
  • problem solving
  • public speaking
  • recording information
  • social media

Key Facts

Government, Politics & EU
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Labour Market & Jobs

There were 108,300 persons employed in Public Administration and Defence in Q4 of 2018, 4.7% of national employment. Employment grew 24% over the five-year period between quarter 4 2013 and quarter 4 2018.

No shortages have been identified for Government administration occupations.

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