Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations

Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations

This sector is about creating narratives and brand identities. It’s for story tellers and strategists, people who want to understand how people think and use that knowledge to craft appealing messages for them. Working in this sector you may find yourself managing relationships with the media or researching people’s views on products. Creative people can get involved in designing billboards, filming advertisements or recording promotions.

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Do you have the power of persuasion? If you do, this may be the sector for you. Some of the most important skills and aptitudes required include creativity, research and business acumen – and preferably a mixture of all of them! But there are different roles to suit different people. Marketing is more strategic compared to advertising, which may be more creative. Event management is another exciting aspect of some marketing roles. Meanwhile, Public Relations professionals support organisations and people in ‘managing’ their public image. Many roles in this sector either involve working in-house for a company, or for an agency who specialise in these services.

In this section you will discover the range of career opportunities available in the Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations sector. Our Career Explorer tool will give you insights into roles across the sector, including average salaries, typical entry routes and much much more...


  • communication
  • critical thinking
  • data analysis & statistics
  • design
  • developing relationships
  • adaptability
  • languages
  • leadership
  • negotiation
  • attention to detail
  • recording information
  • research & development
  • social media
  • teamwork
  • time management
  • visual media

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