Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

To get a sense of the size of this sector, just think of the number of people and the number of goods on the move every minute of every day throughout the island. Transport covers the people, vehicles and infrastructure involved in this movement. All this coming and going of goods requires planning, this is the responsibility of logistics.

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This sector is all about the flow and movement of people and goods between different locations. While drivers and pilots are roles that immediately come to mind, there are many more involved in the process, such as fork-lifters, supply chain analysts, aircraft mechanics and shipping agents to name a few. Each role requires a different set of skill, but no one likes to wait for a flight to take off, or a product to arrive, so the key to success in this sector is closely related to planning, co-ordination and timetabling.

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  • complying with regulations
  • critical thinking
  • data analysis & statistics
  • decision making
  • adaptability
  • health and safety
  • independence
  • leadership
  • maintaining machinery
  • managing resources
  • people management
  • persuasion
  • physical activity
  • prioritising work
  • biology
  • teamwork

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