Business Management & Human Resources

Business Management & Human Resources

Modern businesses are immensely complex. Business management and human resources organises the human element of businesses. They recruit employees, set goals and ensure they’re productive. Human Resources will be responsible for people’s wellbeing in the work place. People working in the sector enjoy working with people to get the most out of them. Business Management can mean a lot of stress and demands on your time, but for driven people with the required skills it can offer a path towards advancement.

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This section is all about understanding people, and specifically employees – whether you are trying to recruit the best candidate for a position, train up new staff, get the best performance out of existing employees, or ensuring that staff are being paid and that contracts are accurate and adhered to. Many of the roles are very demanding and expectations can be very high. In management roles, experience of working in the specific industry often weigh higher than a qualification.

In this section you will discover the range of career opportunities available in the Business Management & Human Resources sector. Our Career Explorer tool will give you insights into roles across the sector, including average salaries, typical entry routes and much much more...


  • communication
  • active listening
  • data analysis & statistics
  • decision making
  • education & training
  • adaptability
  • initiative
  • leadership
  • negotiation
  • persuasion
  • attention to detail
  • problem solving
  • sales & marketing
  • sales & marketing
  • teamwork
  • time management

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