Medical & Healthcare


These are the people who care for you when the worst happens, it is an extremely rewarding but often challenging sector to work in. It places great demands on your energy, emotions and intelligence. But it holds great appeal for people love working with and caring for people, while doing work with real value to society. There are very high education requirements along with long hours, especially in the early years of a career. Doctors and nurses are the most well-known healthcare workers, but it is a very broad sector, opticians, paramedics, occupational therapists, speech therapists, radiographers and pharmacists are just some examples of specialities in medical and healthcare.


  • caring for others
  • communication
  • compassion
  • critical thinking
  • active listening
  • developing relationships
  • diagnosis
  • education & training
  • empathy
  • adaptability
  • initiative
  • investigation
  • leadership
  • managing resources
  • observing behaviour
  • one to one counselling
  • prioritising work
  • problem solving

Key Facts

About This Sector

Labour Market & Jobs

At the end of 2018, 288,500 persons were employed in human healthcare activities, representing 12.6% of the national workforce. Between 2013 and 2019, overall employment increased by 9%.

Due to international demand for these skills, job opportunities will continue to arise for Medical practitioners. The same applies to nursing, where demand for certain types of nursing skills has remained strong and has resulted in shortages. While demand is strong for healthcare professionals such as pharmacists, psychologists, dentists, radiographers and health services managers, shortages have only been identified for radiographers.

While demand for health services continues to grow in Ireland, recruitment in these occupations is dependent on government funding. As such, there are many occupations where shortages do not exist despite significant demand for services. Pay and conditions of employment remain an issue.

Current Jobs