Advertising is an ever-present in modern society. Whether it is promoting products, companies, individuals or services. The sector employs a wide range of occupations, including creative artists, producers, writers, economists, researchers and salespeople.

Most people like to think that they are immune to the persuasive powers of advertising and marketing, but in reality, we are not. Just think of the amount of exposure you get on a daily basis to advertising materials - through billboards, TV, radio, magazines, direct mail, shop front displays. These all influence our decisions when purchasing clothes, food, cars, music and everyday items. Even our holiday destinations are influenced by advertising. Universal access to the internet and social media now means that we are surrounded by advertising. 

Successful advertising grabs people’s attention and sticks in their minds and most importantly, influences us to buy a product. Often advertising doesn’t focus on one specific product, instead it will attempt to build a company’s brand, promoting an identity and personality associated with the company.