Preparing a Job Search

Finding a job, or deciding on a job, can be one of the major milestones along a person's career path. Most people can safely assume that in today's world of work, they will have to look for a job several times in their working life, as the modern workplace changes according to local and global economic changes.

Preparing a Job Search

Finding a job that pays well and matches your interests can be difficult and challenging. This means that careful planning is important.

Job Vacancies

Search for jobs currently available throughout Ireland from leading online Job Boards.

Applications & CVs

Applications are the first step to getting a job interview. We look at how to give employers the information that gets you on into interviews.


If you want to be successful in interviews it is important to have a clear understanding of the different types of interviews and what is expected of you in each format.

Assessment Centres

An Assessment Centre is a process designed to assess whether or not an interview candidate has the particular technical skills, personal skills and potential that the organisation is looking for.

Psychometric Testing

A Psychometric Test is an online or paper-based assessment which provides potential employers an insigh into a person's abilites using carefully constructed tests.

Social Media & Networking

Social media and networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, allow you to connect with employers directly and communicate with people you might not meet in real life.